FAQ Enquiries

Is it necessary to purchase the diamond that is selected online?
No, you are not required to purchase nor make immediate payment. Diamania will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment. We will then prepare the chosen diamond and similar ones for your comparison and selection during meeting.
What materials may I choose for setting?
Except from using 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold for setting, we also provide one more option for our clients - Platinum. Platinum can only be found and excavated in a few places on Earth. Platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish and keeps its natural white for a life time. More, Platinum setting in Diamania is usually 90%-95% high in purity, which makes it hypoallergenic. Its rarity and purity makes it exclusive and distinctive.
Why is your diamond price much lower than many other companies?
There are numerous diamond cutting factories around the globe, but their pricing varies (up to 20% difference) even if the diamonds are of the same quality. Attributed to our reliable and extensive network with cutting factories, we are capable of comparing prices efficiently, hence, purchasing beautiful stones at lowest cost possible. More, our business model minimizes overhead cost (rent, marketing and human resources, etc.) so that our products could be sold at a price that is close to the diamond cost.
Are there more setting styles other than those displayed online?
Our setting displays are mostly elementary and elegant. More options can be found from our partners which are originally based in Hong Kong or Japan. We aim at accommodating an excellence buying experience, all settings are nearly charged at cost.
Is it necessary to decide for the purchase during my visit?
No, but due to the high turnover of our Diamonds, we will reserve the diamonds only to the next working day. Don't miss the chance to take your favourite Diamonds!
What are the possible payment methods?
Diamania accepts Cash, EPS, Cheque, Bank transfer (please leave us a copy of the transfer receipt for easy reference), Credit cards (Visa, Master, China UnionPay) Installment (HSBC Credit Card).
How to choose a diamond if I don't have much knowledge?
You are welcome to reach us through our hotline, email or guestbook. Meanwhile, Diamania sincerely invites you to have free face-to-face Diamond Guildance.