“Angerosa” refers to the “Angel” who guards the couple’s happiness, and “Rose” is a symbol of love. “Angerosa” offers rings that bless couples a lifetime of love and joy.

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The Magic of Angerosa

Pink sapphire inlayed in the inner ring

The inner side of each pair of wedding rings is inlayed with a natural pink sapphire, which represents the kiss of an angel and guards the love between the couple.

Available in two-tone styles

Platinum and 18K rose gold are used to make the ring colors rich and varied. Rose gold adds sweetness and romance to each pair of wearing couple.

Certified by Japan Jewellery Association

Exclusive formula of 18K gold, a bright color can be shown even without gold plating.

Made with forging technology

High strength and hardness to stand the test of time, not easy to be twisted and deformed. Its durability sends eternal love to the newlyweds.

Relatively thicker and heavier than other Japanese brands

“Angerosa” wedding rings are relatively thicker than those from other Japanese brands. It would be a great choice if a ring of much weight is preferred.

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