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Diamania - Your Diamond Jewelry Expert.

Having a new website visitor every 4mins on average

Have served over 10000 happy customers and counting

Providing >10000 GIA diamonds for selection

Diamania JewelryChain Stores or Street StoresOther Upstairs Stores
Pricing5-10% lower than general upstairs stroesHigh﹙Generally >50% higher than Diamania﹚Low
Price Transparancy
Price TransparancyPrices are listed on websiteHave to inquire for most itemsPrices are listed on website
Number of Dimond Choices
Number of Dimond ChoicesNumerousLimitedNumerous
No-Fake Pledge
No-Fake PledgeAcquiredAcquiredGenerally don’t have
Diamond Knowledge
Diamond KnowledgeProfessionalRather incompetentGenerally competent
Staff with GIA qualification
Staff with GIA qualificationIn-StoreA fewUsually don’t have
One-on-One Consultation
One-on-One ConsultationSupportSupportSupport
Hard Selling
Hard SellingNeverVariesVaries
Diamond and Setting Mix-and-Match
Diamond and Setting Mix-and-MatchHighly flexibleAll inlayed, not flexibleHighly flexible
CraftmanshipExcellent (craftsman worked for luxury brands)ExcellentVaries
Inlaying and Resizing Fee
Inlaying and Resizing FeeIncluded in the setting costIncludedUsually excluded
Production Leadtime
Production LeadtimeShort (for certain styles)ShortShort (for certain styles)
Diversity of Designs
Diversity of DesignsQuite a numberNumerousNot many
Custom-Made Service
Custom-Made ServiceSupportUsually don’t supportSupport
Credit Card Surcharge
Credit Card SurchargeNoNoUsually impose
GIA Verification Service (Charges applied by GIA)
GIA Verification (Service fee applied by GIA)SupportUsually don’t supportSupport
After Sales Service
After Sales ServiceFree cleaning and check-upFree cleaning and check-upFree cleaning and check-up
Diamond Buy Back Price
Diamond Buy Back PriceHighLowUsually don’t buy back




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