About UsWe have a mania for diamond, the symbol of fidelity and forever.

Founded in early 2013, Diamania is one of the earliest diamond ‘upstairs’ stores in Hong Kong. Our vision is to become the most trusted diamond jewelry expert, so we attach great importance to every aspect of service, from price and reputation to professional knowledge and customer service. To reassure our customers, Diamania makes it a point to access GIA diamond prices online and share the information with our customers, reflecting our commitment to transparency. This standard operating procedure, coupled with our extremely low profit margin, breaks the diamond industry’s long-standing business model. Our mission is to enable all customers to purchase high-quality diamonds at reasonable prices.

Diamania’s diamonds come from the largest rough diamond sources and cutters in the world, at a lower cost than the average diamond wholesaler.  Because we adhere to the principle of small profits but quick turnover, Diamania’s diamonds tend to be priced lower than the average ‘upstairs’ store or online store.

At Diamania, we are rigorous about the quality of our diamonds. Referring only to a diamond’s certificate may mean some serious inclusions may be overlooked.  The grading report of milky diamonds, for example, do not always reflect its problems. Ensuring customer awareness of these issues is another way we have differentiated ourselves from the typical ‘upstairs’ store.

Diamania is an official GIA-recognized retailer. Our representatives, who possess the most authoritative GIA qualifications, are committed to sharing the smallest details of each diamond with our customers. Additionally, Diamania has held the government’s ‘No Fake Pledge’ for many years. We are known for our qualified and professional staff, our reputation and our integrity.

As diamonds represent a significant investment, we remind and encourage our customers to gain a better understanding of diamonds before making a purchase. In order to help customers successfully purchase the most suitable diamonds, Diamania has set up a brick-and-mortar store in Tsim Sha Tsui. We hope it provides a strong platform for us to interact with every customer, to provide them with the right information, as well as to offer them the opportunity to examine the diamonds firsthand. Our diamond experts at the store will be happy to answer any questions about diamonds that customers may have. Our promise is that we will never pressure them into purchasing from us, as we only aspire to help them find and acquire the diamonds they most desire.