About Us

Diamonds, ever since the ancient times, resemble irresistible charm, elegance and dignity.

Diamania provides an online platform where you can shop for your diamond and get the most up-to-date market information anytime, anywhere at convenience.

People often believe that it is inevitable to bear the high profit margin and tremendous overhead cost of all jewelry retailers, thus making an unjustified deal. But at Diamania, we only hope our clients buy their favorite diamonds at a favorable cost. We have a strong belief in delivering utmost honesty and respect.

Staff at Diamania is qualified in diamond gemology by GIA, the most authoritative gemological laboratory. Besides, our main business partner has a history of 70 years in the industry and is well-known to be an extraordinarily scaled, credible and ethical corporate. Diamonds that we sell are carefully selected to ensure that they are conflict-free. At the same time, most of them are graded with 3EX in cut and show no fluorescence.

As purchasing diamonds is a high investment, gaining basic diamond knowledge beforehand is highly recommended. We humbly offer free consultation service by appointment at our Tsim Sha Tsui office, where clients can enjoy face-to-face professional advices as well as make diamond authentication.

Furthermore, we always keep our awareness of being a socially responsible company. For instance, we have established an agreement with UNICEF for making regular contribution out of our revenue to show support on their voluntary work in protection of children's right.

Experience the new era of diamond. - Diamania